This streetscene can be adapted exactly to
your needs. The left/hand building can be a
curiosity shop perhaps, the right/hand
building can be a tavern, the backing can
be a bookshop milliners, apothecary,the
possibilities are endless!

Both main buildings have interior rooms
and the backing windows can be accessed
from the rear.

On a base 46" X 22" , this can be varied to suit.
On the left sits the old curiosity shop whilst
on the right sits the Tavern/General store or
whatever.two large rooms. The backing has
a shop window which has access from the
back for dressing etc. Both buildings open
on the side to avoid disturbing items placed
on the street etc. Can be modified to suit
individual requirements or can be
remodelled completely to suit a different
era,ie.Medieval etc.
shopfronts signwritten
to suit customers wishes

Streetscene has opening to rooms either side, the Tavern can be made front opening for an additional cost

     Dickensian streetscene or Diagon alley!

vicnewey010005.jpg vicnewey010004.gif vicnewey010003.gif vicnewey010002.gif