Openings are always very accommodating and allow easy access to the interior,
The openings are hung on piano hinge which is then treated and painted to blend in with the adjoining timber, a spring catch is incorporated into the surrounding timber which gives a satisfying 'click' when closing, magnets simply aren't suitable for openings this size.
Lift off panels are rarely if ever used as these can be very awkward  and cumbersome.

Buildings are constructed with plywoods of various thickness and a variety of other materials are also used inc. reclaimed timbers so your Victorian dollhouse might include some timber from that actual era!
Buildings are then coated all over with a special
coating that permits various wood/stone  effects to be simulated and then painted with special scenery paints and techniques to give a truly lifelike effect.
So called 'real''  woods and brick slips/ tiles etc cut from the full size object  are never used as they simply do not  scale down properly and this particularly applies to wood.
Buildings are finely detailed with an airbrush to give the natural weathered look so often admired on our old buildings around the UK, the lovely green tinge to the handmade clay tiles, the silver-grey oak beams  (that should never be painted black  ) are all simulated in  the models

How a building opens up

A variety of extras can be incorporated into the houses to include:- glowing log fires with chimney crane and cauldron, roasting spits inc. a powered smokejack .Built in extras such as a bar and shelves in the tavern or a nice window seat.
Houses can also be adapted from the original in a variety of ways to include extensions etc.

Working for many years
in T.V.and Film studios
has resulted in him
developing many useful
techniques which can be
adapted for use in the
construction and finishing
of these incredible
miniatures and thus they
can be offered at a very
competitive price for
work of this quality

     How the houses are made

vicnewey003005.jpg vicnewey003004.gif vicnewey003003.gif vicnewey003002.gif

Inspiration comes from buildings like this ' Halls croft ' in Stratford upon Avon